Sports Performance

Do you love a sport and have a passion to become the best you can be?

Wanting to develop your performance to the next level, fulfil more of your potential and not be held back by your body? Whether you’re an amateur athlete, weekend warrior, or elite athlete, we have unparalleled knowledge, experience and the track record as strength and conditioning coaches, like no other gym, for you to trust in becoming greater at your sport. This is evident in the fact not only do all of our coaching team hold 1-2 degrees in sport science and strength and conditioning, but collectively share over 32 years of professional coaching experience, for your benefit.

How strength and conditioning for sports works

Our coaches use a scientific approach, built on many years of expert knowledge to create your programme to deliver the very maximum in results. In combination with the ultimate coaching skills, this ensures your programme is delivered to you in the very best way, to suit your goals, personality and ability.

What are the advantages of training with us?

We’ve carefully recruited and developed our coaches, with not only the best academic credentials, but also the best experience from backgrounds in elite and amateur sport, all of which is evidenced in our case studies. When you’re training with us you can be sure you’re getting the greatest level of coaching expertise available anywhere, to make the superb improvements you desire, in your sport.

We have one of the most proven track records, supporting a huge number of men and women to achieve success in their sports, ranging from setting personal bests in park runs, to winning world championship medals. This includes extensive experience in using strength and conditioning to improve:


Acceleration, speed and agility


Endurance (from team sports, to ultra distance endurance sports)


Robustness against injury


Preparation for success in specific sporting challengeS


Performance in highly technical sports such as golf


Physical fitness for military selection

Want to get started?

Start your journey to achieving the body you desire today by arranging your complimentary 45 minute consultation with us, at our training centre.