Youth athletic training in Solihull

Fuel your child’s passion and performance in sport

Nurture their self confidence and allow them to become strong and durable, at Coalition Performance.

Whether your child competes at an amateur or elite level, or has expressed an interest in gym training, we’re here to help ignite their self belief and to physically develop their strength and athleticism to flourish in the sports they love.

Coalition Performance is one of the UK’s only training centres with the skills and experience to personally coach children from 11 years and older, using strength and conditioning. We’re often the place parents have been desperately searching for to trust. Where every child we support is professionally coached every session, follows a programme bespoke to them and does so with total safety and confidence.

Kickstart your child’s personal development and confidence

By combining our expertise, with a totally personalised approach to your child’s training programme, we provide truly enjoyable, engaging and rewarding training that you can trust.

Not only will your child develop their athletic performance for their sport by training with us, but also be able to genuinely grow their self confidence, belief and character for life ahead.

How we can help?

Our leading experience in strength and conditioning with children spans across a broad spectrum of sports including: rugby, running, football, netball, athletics, hockey, gymnastics, horse riding, swimming, skiing and snowboarding, to name a few.

Plus, we have extensive experience supporting children with their rehab back from an injury, to a successful return to their sport. This ranges from acute injuries, right through to pre and post operative rehab. A reason physios and surgeons in the region refer sporting children to us.

By being supported by us your child has unique access to 5 services nowhere else can provide



Coaching every session, from our coaches who each have 1-2 degrees in strength and conditioning. An unparalleled level of knowledge you can trust.


Specialist Training Centre

We are one of the country’s few specialist training centres who welcome and have the credentials to coach strength and conditioning to children.


Unrivalled Experience

Our coaching team has unrivalled professional experience in coaching sporting children from amateur, right up to the most elite level.


Expertise with the young

The expertise to coach both fit and injured sporting children. We share more success stories online than anywhere else in the region, as evidence in what your child can achieve.

READY to get started?

Start your child’s journey by arranging a complimentary 45 minute complimentary consultation at our training centre.