Youth Strength and Conditioning

Does your child have a passion for a sport?

Download our complimentary e-book and discover how strength and conditioning can accelerate their development as an athlete…

We’re sure your child loves the sport’s they compete in and it’s a huge part of who they are? Whether your child competes in a sport at an amateur or elite level, the growing scientific and real world evidence on the power of strength and conditioning to improve their speed, agility, fitness and durability against injury are huge.

In the e-book we reveal how strength training can allow your child to:

  • Significantly reduce their risk of getting injured 
  • See proven increases in their speed, agility and power
  • Perform strength training in a safe way, that you can trust
  • Avoid common pitfalls, errors and myths

Why trust the knowledge and advice we share in this e-book?

We are one of only specialist training facilities in the UK who welcome and coach strength and conditioning to children from 10 years old and upwards. Our coaching team has:



A dozen degree’s in strength and conditioning/sport science/sports coaching (12 years of full time university study)


Specialist Experience

Over 30 years professional S&C coaching experience with youths across a dozen sports, at amateur and elite levels


Trusted by Parents

We have more 5 star online reviews than any other training centre of its type, as evidence of the many parents who trust us


Trusted for Injuries

Trusted by leading medical professionals to rehab sporting youths, with minor and major injuries

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