We get it, injuries, under performance and feeling you’re not fulfilling your potential as an multi sport endurance athlete, is a serious frustration. Therefore, you may be like the many amateur and elite level endurance athlete’s we support, wanting to become more durable, faster, fitter and higher performing.

Where generic gym training from a trainer, physiotherapy exercises and trying to figure it out yourself have failed, athletes succeed with us, as you uniquely benefit from a bespoke, personalised and progressive strength and conditioning (S&C) training programme, based on the latest science, plus our extensive professional experience providing S&C to endurance athletes, of all abilities.

Whilst we coach hundreds of people in person, each week at our training centre, we also support those who live too far away to travel to us.  However, compared to common ‘online coaching’ with unqualified personal trainers, or coaches without actual qualifications or experience in S&C, what we deliver is truly unique…

Our online Personal Remote Coach (PRC) is a highly practical and proven approach that benefits from actual input and dialogue with our professional S&C coaching team. This means you get a truly personalised and adaptable programme, in addition to fully qualified, highly experienced support, to trust and give confidence in a process which actually works for you.


More 5 star reviews online than any other

Trust matters, so knowing we have a reputation of excellence in S&C means you know you are being supported by the very best..

Most qualified and experienced

Have confidence in the knowledge you are receiving support from our truly qualified and highly experienced S&C coaches, and not just a general trainer or coach.

Super practical and easy to follow

Time is precious, so knowing your support you is highly practical and simple, is important. Time efficient, clear and straight forward, proven by the hundreds of case studies.

Bepsoke to you and your schedule

Your support is tuned to fit things like how often you can train each week and to account for how much/little equipment you have.

How it works and what you receive with your bespoke support…

You complete a personal athlete questionnaire and movement assessment.

We design a totally bespoke S&C programme to suit your goals, ability and access to kit.

You receive videos of all the exercises and an audio from your coach explaining your programme.

We check in with you to keep everything personal, but not time consuming for you.

Each month we progress your programme, ensuring it fits in with events and your training.

All of this gives you structure you can trust and simply take action on anywhere, anytime.

Confidence in having the leading coaching expertise to unlock your performance, for only £88 p.m.

“The support and skills of Coalition Performance PRC, has enabled me to set new PB’s and compete at a higher level, during national and international events”


“There’s no better coaching team to support me in my running adventures, from getting faster, fitter, setting new PB’s and overcoming injuries”.


“Through the support of the Coalition Performance team, it has enabled me to run with greater intensity, consistency and to avoid niggling injuries, even into my 50’s”


“I have never been so motivated to do S&C, I’ve seen and felt the difference it makes, in keeping prior injuries at bay and helping me achieve my dreams like completing Ironman Kona”


Start your training journey today. Simply click below and complete the athlete application form…