Saturday 20th May


Are you motivated to get faster? Set a new PB? Or limit repetitive injuries that are holding you back? This is a unique opportunity to increase your running speed, endurance and robustness against injuries, by learning from our nationally acclaimed expertise, of how to use strength and conditioning (S&C) training as a runner. From over a decade of professional coaching experience allowing runners from amateur to elite age group to unlock greater performance, this event is one of its kind in the whole UK, open to runners of all ages and abilities.

More 5 star reviews online than any other

Trust matters, so knowing we have a reputation of excellence in our field means you know you are learning from the best.

Most qualified and experienced

Have confidence in the knowledge you are gaining, with host Dave Cripps being considered one of the UK’s leading S&C coach’s in this field, from 15 years of professional experience.

Applied learning for runners

This event is totally specific to endurance runners like you, in addition to being very practical to allow you to achieve confidence in how to strength train technically, for safety and to optimise your time.

Practical to suit all running abilities

The leading insight you will gain for your running performance will be suitable for all abilities and those with some, or no S&C/gym experience.

Saturday 20th May, 1pm – 3pm


2 hours of the ultimate hands on learning at our private facility in Earlswood, Solihull

Discover why strength training will unlock your run performance

Practical strength training to learn fundamental training techniques for confidence

Insight of how to avoid the 4 classic pitfalls that most runners do

How to discover what exercises to use (and avoid)

How to improve your running performance with only 1 strength session per week

How to adapt strength training over your season

“The skills of CP have enabled me to set new running PB’s and compete at national events at a higher level”


“There’s no better coaching team to support me in my running adventures, from getting faster, fitter and overcoming injuries”.

Emma (age group trial runner)

“Strength training through the knowledge of Dave and his team has enabled me to run with greater intensity, consistency and avoid niggling injuries, even into my 50’s”


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