Why you need to rethink how to get leaner

Sep 24, 2022 | Training

You want to be leaner, healthier, more athletic

At some stage along the way you will have done something I bet, me too…

Recall the traditional ‘fat burner session’?

On a treadmill, bike, the road, just ticking over at a low intensity for at least 40 minutes?

Monotonously pounding the treadmill/tarmac, starring into the mirror in front you in a trance of boredom? zzzzz

This is the go to session for the majority people to get leaner, and it kinda makes sense…

This intensity and duration of exercise burns predominately fat, so at face value its understandable


Its not quite that simple

There is a much better way

Over the last decade more science has shown that exercising at a much higher intensity, may not burn as much fat as the above scenario during the session…


Over the course of a day or two, high intensity exercise will burn significantly more fat

You might have heard this referred to ‘the after burn effect’

Essentially, your body consumes more oxygen following the session to recover, this requires greater metabolism of fat and your net fat loss is greater

But what is high intensity exercise?

Well this is where you have to do your part to make this happen

In other words, you have to work hard to make this happen

And do so during a form of aerobic exercise which you can go hell for leather at

Typically a bike works well, as its not really load baring through the lower limb where people get niggles

But if you can run at high intensity then go for it!

Also, to keep the intensity of the session high, you need to use intervals

By that I mean blocks of all out work, interspersed by blocks of rest

There is a bonus though besides the after burn…

The length of the session is far shorter than your 40 minute pounding

Within approx 15 minutes you could of hammered out a session

Not only does it makes it more effective at getting lean, but it also makes it more time efficient

And the one thing you probably don’t have a lot of is spare time

But I reiterate, this is not 15 minutes working fairly hard…

This is 15 minutes working as hard as you can

Remember, you don’t get something for nothing

In this case you need to invest a shed load of effort, when your body and mind just want you to stop

Those of you with a determined attitude, who have been successful in various forms of your life will know the thing which ultimately made this happen was your hard work…

This is no different, and if you did it then, you can do it again and reap the rewards

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