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Want more power?
Want more power?

I have rarely ever heard an athlete say, they would not want to become more powerful. Regardless of the sport, in most cases being able to execute a skill with greater power is always going to beneficial for performance… A golfers swing

Why your mate isn’t getting results
Why your mate isn’t getting results

You can’t out train a bad diet… Yes it’s true and I have endless examples of it. You can kid yourself, trick yourself and play dumb to it… But if you think training alone will get you to your physical performance goals then you


Having been to other trainers prior and having bad experiences. CP has been amazing in my weight loss, gains in strength and rehab of my knee


“A great place. I have lost 10kg of fat and am stronger and fitter than ever. Welcoming, supportive, nonjudgemental.”


Having lost over 3 stone at CP, I would encourage anyone, no matter your level of fitness to come here.



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